• Hornindal Kveik 20g (BrewersDIY)

Kveik (“yeast” in Norwegian) strains have all originated from farmsteads of Norway. They produce unique flavors and ferment cleanly at unbelievably high temperatures. It’s this lack of necessary temperature control that has helped propel these strains of yeast into stardom with homebrewers. This strain originates from the Hornindal municipality within Norway, from which this yeast strain gets its name.

Hornindal produces a tropical fruit flavor and complex aroma that can present itself as stone fruit, pineapple, and dried fruit leather. If allowed to ferment at even higher than normal temperatures, the more citrus flavor you get, specifically lemon. These flavors and aromas overlap significantly with the fruit hop notes that are commonly used in IPAs.

Hornindal is popular to be used among IPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts, Imperial Stouts, Barleywines and Porters. It does great with higher ABV beers due to its maximum alcohol tolerance of 16%.

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Hornindal Kveik 20g (BrewersDIY)

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