• 15psi Purple PRV

General Description:


An affordable option for those looking to get into pressure fermentation without the extra cost of an additional spunding valve and Ball Lock.


This Purple Pressure Relief Valve can be used to keep 15psi of pressure on your fermentation in the Fermenter King P.E.T. Pressure Fermenter/Unitank range. This specific PRV is commonly used for Lager fermentations.

The purple PRV will lift when pressure exceeds 15psi and will reseal at the end of fermentation when the pressure drops back.




Male Thread: 8mm

Total length: 5.5cm




Please note, there will be a hissing noise throughout fermentation when using these PRVs.


This specific PRV is best used for Lager fermentations as it operates under a slightly higher pressure and thus will allow fewer yeast esters to slip through.

Brewers will need to replace the purple PRV with the red PRV to carbonate at pressures higher than 15psi.

15psi Purple PRV

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