• St. Pater’s bier (BrewersDIY Extract kit 20L)

General Description:


A simple beer making kit that consists of dry malt extract, a sachet of hops and a sachet of dried brewers yeast. 


BrewersDIY St. Pater’s Bier is a lovely, light ale that originated from a Belgian Style known as Patersbier. This style is commendable for its lovely, crisp finish but also some lovely, floral hoppy notes to balance it out and give it a bit more depth than other light ale styles.




20 litres


Estimated Parameters:


OG:      1042

IBUs:   22.7

ABV:   4.0%




BrewersDIY is the only “Brewing Can” kit range that doesn’t come with an already-hopped liquid malt extract and will need to be boiled in around 6L of water with the hops to infuse the flavours and bitterness, please see the detailed instructions below.


Quick brewing Instructions:


  • Remove the yeast and hop sachets from the bottle.
  • Add the malt extract and 4L of water to a large pot and bring it to a rolling boil.
  • Stir the mixture frequently to avoid scorching and add the hops (And other adjuncts) to the pot when the boil starts.
  • Continuously boil the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • When 15 minutes has elapsed, take the pot off the stove and submerge it in a basin filled with cold water to cool the mixture (Now called wort).
  • Sanitize all your brewing equipment using a no rinse sanitizer.
  • Pour your boiled and cooled wort mixture in your sanitized fermenter.
  • Top up the mixture with cold water up to the 20L mark of your fermenter.
  • When the temperature is below 30°C, sprinkle the yeast from the sachet over the top of your liquid, close the fermenter and leave to ferment.
  • After the fermentation has ceased (Around 7 – 14 days after the yeast is added) Sanitize your beer bottles thoroughly using a no inse sanitizer.
  • Add your dextrose sugar to the beer or to the beer bottles (See dextrose description for instructions).
  • Fill your beer bottles, cap them and leave them for around 2 weeks to fully carbonate.
  • Chill, open and enjoy!

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St. Pater’s bier (BrewersDIY Extract kit 20L)

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