• Sabro (100g)

General Description


A local South African hop variant with a relatively high Alpha Acid percentage and an aromatic profile consisting mostly of spicy and herbal notes of celery, parsley, black pepper and garlic, making this hop much more suited to the production of more hop neutral styles of beer, but can be used for both aroma and bittering additions in these styles.




Alpha Acids: 10 – 15%

Beta Acids: 5 – 6% 

Primary usage: Dual Puspose (Aroma and Bittering)

Aromatic character: celery, parsley, black pepper, garlic.


Complimentary beer styles


This hop strain is best used in hop neutral beer styles such as:



Wheat Beer

Due to its high Alpha Acid range and relatively subdued aroma characters.




There aren’t any direct substitutes listed for this hop variant, however this hop can likely be substituted with:



Hallertau Mittlefruh


Keep in mind that alpha acid differences in substitutes may need to be accounted for when weighing out your quantities.



Colder is better when storing hops as the rate of loss halves for every 15°C lowered in temperature. Optimal storage conditions for hops are between -21°C - 0°C in a sealed, airtight environment.

Shelf life

If stored in ideal conditions your hops will only experience a rate of deterioration of about 10% for every 6 months stored. An unopened packet of hop pellets can effectively last up to 4 years in ideal conditions, though keep in mind that the rate of deterioration increases at higher temperatures and unsealed environments.

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Sabro (100g)

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