• Rennet (Microbial Origin, 20 Capsules)

General Description


A packet of 20 small rennet capsules. Each rennet capsule is a clear capsule with the caramel or light brown coloured rennet powder contained inside.


Rennet is used to coagulate milk and separate it into curds and whey, rennet is composed of a specific enzyme, chymosin that is well suited to this task.


Quantity and Makes:


20 capsules

Each capsule can treat up to 20L of milk.




Add whilst gently heating your milk around 40°C or according to your recipe to separate the milk solids, stirring gently and keeping a close eye on the temperature.




Store in your freezer or under 5°C.

Opened capsules should be resealed and stored in an airtight container under the same conditions.

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Rennet (Microbial Origin, 20 Capsules)

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