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  • Diammonium phosphate (200g)

General Description


A packet of white or off-white, fine crystals that is usually added to a fermentation to provide the yeast with an excellent source of nitrogen, helping it remain active for longer periods during fermentation.








Weigh out around 0.1g per litre of liquid to ferment or roughly ½ teaspoon per 15 litres of liquid, add directly to the liquid and gently stir before leaving the liquid to ferment.




Though Diammonium Phosphate is an excellent, cost effective yeast nutrient, it is by no means a complete packet of different yeast nutrients and should be looked at as a yeast booster.

For longer period fermentations or excessively high yield fermentations it is recommended to use complete nutrient mixes such as Fermaid K or Fermaid O for a healthier, more vigorous fermentation.




Keep packet sealed and in a cool, dry place.

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Diammonium phosphate (200g)

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