• Refractometer (3 Scale)

General Description:


A small, portable device that is most commonly used to take your Specific Gravity readings before and after fermentation to determine the Alcohol By Volume percentage of your brew.


This refractometer can also be used to determine your BRIX reading as well as your Scale of Klosterneuburger Mostwaage (°KMW, °Kl) or “Babo” readings.




17cm x 3.7cm




S.G.:     1.000 – 1.140

BRIX:  0 – 30

°KMW:            0 – 26


Use Instructions:


For readings before the start of your fermentation, simply lift up the sight glass cover, put a drop of the liquid to be fermented on the sight glass of your refractometer, close the cover and look through the optical lens of your refractometer.

A white, horizontal line will appear through the optical lens which corresponds to the correct readings.

The BRIX reading is on the left, the S.G. Reading in the middle and the °KMW reading on the right.

Wright your reading down in order to remember it.


For readings after fermentation the initial steps remain the same, however due to the addition of alcohol to the liquid, the reading will likely be affected.

Write down your final reading and – either by using a mathematical formula or by simply following the link below, work out the true ABV% of the brew by substituting the values.


Link for Mathematical formula:



Link for Automatic calculation:





Please note that this refractometer is fragile takes direct readings of only the S.G., BRIX and °KMW – your ABV percentage will need to be calculated using these readings.


Please follow the links above in order to achieve the correct results with your refractometer.


Refractometers are fragile, we recommend either picking these up yourself directly from either of the branches or ordering them separately or with minimal, softer items.

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Refractometer (3 Scale)

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