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General Description


A long, plastic tube with a pump arm that is commonly used to transfer liquid from one vessel to another by pulling and pushing the pump arm to pull liquid in and push it out the pump arm (preferably through tubing).




37cm (Arm depressed)

63cm (Arm extended)

2.5cm width




Place the vessel you wish to transfer from on a higher plain than the vessel you are transferring to (If you’d like siphoning to commence automatically).

Place the siphon in the vessel you are transferring from and the tubing connected to the siphon arm in the vessel you are transferring to.

Pull the pumping arm to extend it fully, this will fill up the siphon and then push it down to depress it, sending the liquid through the siphon arm and the siphon hose leading to the other vessel.

The liquid may start flowing automatically through the siphon into the other vessel at this point (It may take several pumps to achieve this)


Additional Equipment Required:


We highly recommend purchasing either 10mm siphon hose for use with this siphon to use it effectively.


If the 10mm hose is unavailable, 8mm hose can be substituted although it will need a bit of extra effort to connect.




This auto siphon is meant for smaller, 5L vessels and – although it will siphon from any liquid source – it will create more discomfort and more of a hassle to the user when attempting to siphon from larger vessels due to its short length.  




Sanitize the siphon thoroughly, wait to dry and store in a cool, dry place.

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Mini Auto Siphon 3/8

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