• Molasses (Blackstrap Unsulphured) 25kg

General Description


A very dark, thick, syrup-like liquid, blackstrap molasses is a byproduct of sugar production.

Sugar production starts with boiling sugarcane juice to crystalize the sugar, which is then filtered to separate it from the juice. This leaves a thick, brown liquid which is the Molasses.




25L (+/- 26kg)

Can make a 125L pre-distilled wash for rum when another neutral sugar is added.


More info:


Preservative free.

Maximum Moisture – 27%

Invert Sugar – 40% min




For rum we recommend using around 3.5 parts water for every 1 part Blackstrap or, put simply a 3.5:1 ratio of water to Blackstrap.

This will dilute the blackstrap down to around 10 – 12 BRIX, which will likely produce a pungent, quality, low yield rum wash of around 5.2%.


Neutral sugar can of course be added to this mixture to bring the sugar content up which will increase the yield, however this may negatively impact the quality of the end product.




Wild yeast may be present in this unsulphured molasses.

This quantity of Blackstrap is available for collection in store only.




Keep cap closed and store in a fridge or freezer to prevent mould growth.

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Molasses (Blackstrap Unsulphured) 25kg

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