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  • Sodium Alginate (100g)

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A packet of off white or cream coloured powder.

Sodium Alginate is commonly used in modernist cuisine in tandem with calcium salts to produce small, caviar-like or larger spheres, filled with liquid that burst in the mouth.








For basic spherification (liquids containing no calcium) it is recommended to use 0.5g Sodium Alginate per 100ml of flavoured liquid – this should be thoroughly mixed.

This liquid can then be dripped into a bowl filled with a cold calcium chloride solution (Other soluble calcium salts can also be used for the solution).

Each drop of the alginated liquid tends to form into a small sphere in

the calcium solution. Then, during a reaction time of a few seconds to a few minutes,

the calcium solution causes the outer layer of each alginated liquid sphere to form a

thin, flexible skin.


Reverse spherification (for use with substances which contain calcium or have high

acid/alcohol content) requires dripping the substance (containing calcium lactate or

calcium lactate gluconate) into an alginate bath.


A more recent technique is frozen reverse spherification, which involves pre-freezing spheres containing calcium lactate gluconate and then submerging them in a sodium alginate bath.

All three methods give the same result: a sphere of liquid held by a thin gel membrane, texturally similar to roe.




These products are considered food safe and should have no negative effects on the taste, smell or other characteristics of your products when introduced in the recommended ratios.

These products should also have no ill effect on you, the consumer provided these same ratios are followed and provided you have no known allergies to any of these products.




Keep packet sealed and in a cool, dry place.

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Sodium Alginate (100g)

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