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Fermaid O is a yeast nutrient mix that supplies your yeast cells with all the essential nutrients for a healthy, strong fermentation.





(Provides nutrients for up to 300L fermentations)


More info:


Fermaid O is a mix of organic yeast nutrients that perform the task of keeping yeast healthy and happy during fermentation and is especially advantageous for long fermentation periods or for high alcohol fermentations.


Fermaid O includes organic nitrogen, free amino acids, sterols, unsaturated fatty acids, key nutrients, and inactive yeast (yeast hulls), all the components your yeast need to thrive!




Use 7.5g of Fermaid O for every 25L or around 0.3g per litre for standard fermentations. This applies to beer, cider, wine and distilling mashes/washes.


For a more vigorous fermentation result, double the amount of yeast usually used and add around 12g Fermaid O for every 25L or around 0.48g per litre. This applies mostly to distilling mashes/washer to achieve something closer to a “Turbo” fermentation.


Keep in mind that the harder the yeast is pushed in rushed fermentations, the more likely it is to produce strong, unwanted esters that may negatively impact the flavour.





Keep packet sealed and in a cool, dry place.

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Fermaid O

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