• Calcium carbonate (100g)

General Description


Calcium carbonate as sold by us is a fine, white or off-white powder that is commonly used to raise pH in products, adding some alkalinity to a product.




100g packet.




Calcium carbonate is commonly used to raise the pH of darker beers especially, which typically have a lower pH by default due to the addition of roasted malt.


When used as a food additive, calcium carbonate acts as an anti-caking agent, an added source of calcium and a white food colour. It is also a nutrient for yeasts, an acid reducer and a firming agent. Calcium carbonate can also stabilize and thicken some products, and be used to strengthen dough.


Directions/More info:


Add according to your recipe or pH reading.

Alternatively it is good practice to add around 5 - 10g of calcium carbonate for a 23L batch of dark beer.

1g per 10 litres adds 40 ppm Ca++ (Calcium ion), 60 ppm CO3—(Carbonate ion).




Keep in a cool, dry place.

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Calcium carbonate (100g)

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