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General Description


Contrary to the name, juniper berries aren’t truly berries at all and instead are a cone with unusually fleshy and merged scales which give them their berry-like appearance. They are the female seedcones produced by various species of junipers and these “berries” have a very distinct flavour consisting of piney, resinous and green-fresh citrus notes.



Use Cases


Juniper berries have several uses however the most notable and obvious is the fact that these berries are used in gin, giving it its distinctive flavour. These botanicals can also be used in certain styles of beer and wine to give these drinks a bit of extra depth and complexity.


Juniper berries can also be used in European (particularly Scandinavian) cuisines to impart a sharp, clear flavour, especially to meat dishes.


Additional information (If applicable)


§                     Storage

Keep packet sealed/closed tightly after opening, keep in a cool, dry place and away from pests.

§                     Shelf life

These are dried ingredients and should not spoil in any reasonable time frame provided storage conditions are met, however some flavour and viability may be lost over long periods (Several months) of storage.

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Juniper Berries 4.9 kg

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