Help! The system will not quote shipping.

If the system will not quote shipping, use this guide to troubleshoot the problem.

If you are in a remote part of South Africa where the courier service does not deliver (like a farm or a very small town)  we will have to manually quote with a different company that does service that area. Alternatively, pop us an email if you are sending a courier to collect so that we can box the items for transport and let know at which of the stores the courier needs to collect. We unfortunately do not send via a service that requires us to drop a package somewhere like postnet, aramex or pep  - the courier has to physically collect from us in store.

If you live in a part of the country where courier does exist but the system does not quote delivery, you have made a mistake with entering the delivery or billing address. The system is integrated with the courier's website and all addresses have to be filled in correctly. Especially the city and/or suburb.  You have to fill in both the delivery address and the billing address correctly on your online profile for our system to quote delivery. No exceptions. Johannesbug is not "Jozi" or "Joburg". Cape Town is not "CT" or "Capetown" or  "Cape Town ZA" or the likes.


To troubleshoot, add something to the shopping cart. Next, go to the shopping cart and click on view cart. At the bottom is an option to estimate shipping. Select the country and region. Type in the city and select the correct postal code. If your town or city does not appear here, we have to quote manually. If it appears here, you have entered something wrong on your address profile. Use the values selected from the shopping cart estimation to update your user profile and all should work.

if you order from outside of SA, the system will quote without VAT. You will not be able to use someone to collect, SARS requires us to physically arrange and send a direct export from our side. If you send someone to pick up, they will have to pay us the VAT before they are able to take the package out the door.