How to Brew Resources

Making beer and wine is an art mixed with science that anybody can master. Under normal circumstances we would be more than happy to get you from beginner to pro at the shops but due to covid-19 and the number of orders we are not able to currently help with the influx of queries on where to start.

Here are a list of great resources we would recommend to start the homebrewing journey with in no particular order.

Home brew beer
Best modern book on home brewing in my opinion. I recommend it in hard cover to write notes as you go...
A couple of page scans to follow in the next couple of days.

Brew Your Own Magazine
American based magazine with many online articles. They Also have a wine making magazine.

How to Brew
One of the first books on home brewing, now available online for free

Lockdown Dranks (Tsikwe)
Written by local commercial beer brewers and uses off the shelf ingredients. Very worth supporting. Aimed at the novice  and easy to follow. - if you want to go more advanced and get a predictable shelf stable product, sterilize the must with a campden tablet. Want to add residual sweetness afterwards and stop the fermentation at a specific point for a wine? Preserve with potassium sorbate in conjunction with a campden tablet at bottling.

Brew Mistress (Lucy Corne)
Editor of Ontap magazine - a brewing magazine we would recommend, locally produced  and worth supporting.

Barley and Hops Brewing
Great american youtube channel. George covers many topics.

There are many other great resources on how to make, but we hope that the ones abovewill help whilst our hands are tied for the next while. 

When covid-19 is a dim and distant memory and life has returned to normal, i would strongly recommend getting a copy of Beer Book and supporting the local craft breweries!