• Brew Kit No 1

This kit contains ingredients and equipment to make your own batch of beer at home. Included in the kit is our famous St Pater's bier. Refills and spares for the kit are available. 


· 30L Fermenter with graduated markings

· Spigot tap with anti-sediment system

· Airlock and top hat grommet

· Stick on thermometer

· Bottle filler

· Star San sanitizer

· Priming sugar with sugar scoop

· Bottle capper with bottle caps

· St. Pater’s bier extract kit (extract, hops and yeast)

· Paddle

· Hydrometer and measuring cylinder

· Bottle brush

· Instruction booklet



· Large pot and optional spray bottle with syringe.

· Dishwashing detergent and soft cloth.

· Bottles: Either PET, 440ml craft beer bottles, or a case or two of empty quart glass bottles.


Brew Kit No 1

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