Brewmart Pty Ltd COVID-19 Lockdown Level 3 Update

Dear Friends and Brewing Community,

I hope you are staying strong during this unprecedented time in human history. Brewmart would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the last two months.

Brewmart Pty Ltd is a lockdown level 5 supplier and we are currently doing everything we can to ensure that we continue trading through all levels of lockdown despite the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will continue to abide by the appropriate regulations while at the same time ensuring the health and well-being of our community and staff.
I’m pleased to say that despite a few system glitches, we’ve had positive feedback from clients and staff members with the improved turn around times since we reconfigured our operations to receive stock and process orders at the Centurion branch whilst dispensing orders and engaging with customers at the Villieria branch. For any how to queries, please contact the Villieria branch at / 012 329 0567 . We will endeavour to engage as time permits.
With the Government's recent announcement to move the country to Lockdown Level 3, we have decided to remain trading with our current arrangements through the online store. Both physical stores will remain closed for walk in sales until we have had the time to properly assess the directives from Government and the situation on the ground. We are going to continue delivery via courier and collection at the Villieria branch until further notice.
Many of our suppliers have started opening for trade again and I am pleased to report that the first international shipments of stock are expected in about ten to fourteen days’ time. We have secured a shipment of hydrometers, airlocks and yeast and are expecting to make these available at our current prices if the exchange rate remains stable. Limited numbers of BrewersDIY beginner’s kits are also available again.
A number of international suppliers are unfortunately not yet open for trade. We apologise for the inconvenience and will restock these product lines as soon as we are able to secure transport for the shipments held up in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please bear in mind that we need to work within the framework not only of our Governments lockdown, but also those of our supplier’s countries.
We are still constrained with packaging and local suppliers that could only operate at diminished capacity over the last couple of months. We are in the process of resolving the packaging constraint that caused product unavailability on the shelves despite having bulk available in the warehouse. We do appreciate your patience whilst we package the products and get them ready for sale.
Brewmart Pty Ltd stocks over 850 products and after a system glitch we removed 400 products and will be adding these back to the system over the next week or two as stock is received. If a consumable product is showing as out of stock, please check back in a couple of days as we are continuously adding products back on the system for trade. The online store is currently handling all sales and stock allocation which does not allow us to reserve any stock for customers.
We would like to thank all of you for your patience with us during the last couple of months, as items have not been instantaneously ready. We have streamlined our systems and are now getting most orders out within our target 3-4 days. We request that you continue to work together with us to help you make a success of this extraordinary time amid the situation we all find ourselves in.

Wishing you all happy brewing, baking, cheese making and food preserving!

Kind regards,