• Counter Flow Chiller

General Description:


A bendable, copper pipe that has been bent to form a coil shape to run beer through and is covered with a second, plastic tube to run water through.


This chiller has two separate in- and outlets – one that is parallel to the coil that leads into the copper pipe and one that is at a 90 degree angle, to the side of the coil, which leads into the plastic outer tube.




Unit:                30cm x 30cm

In – and outlet:            +/- 12mm


Usage Instructions:


Connect the “beer line” to the parallel inlet on one side of the coil and the “water line” to the angled inlet on the opposite side of the coil.

On the opposite of each connection point have your lines run into the appropriate vessel (for example, let the beer line end in the fermenting vessel or, alternatively, back in the boiler if you’re circulating)

Using either a pump, gravity or flow from a tap, run the two liquids through the coil, making sure they flow in opposite directions from one another – hence the name “Counterflow”.


Additional information:


To save water you can re-circulate the water going through the coil by using a pump and an ice bath or similar cooling method to cool down the water as it circulates.

It is recommended to use these counter flow chillers with a pump to improve efficiency.

Counter Flow Chiller

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