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  • 19L New Cornelius Keg (ball lock)

General Description:


A large, stainless steel keg with an easily removable, oval-shaped lid for cleaning and ball lock posts that are used to easily carbonate and dispense your beverages.


The Cornelius range of kegs are some of the most user friendly kegs on the market and are thus absurdly popular with home brewers.




Total Keg Dimensions:                        63cm x 22cm

Keg Lid Dimensions:               9.5cm x 7.5cm


Additional equipment required:


The following is a list of the minimum, most cost effective requirements that are necessary to use the Cornelius kegs.


Standard connectors:


Ball lock Black Liquid disconnect (Threaded) x1

Ball lock White Gas disconnect (Threaded)     x1

3/8 Tube to 7/16 UNS Female (John Guest)    x2


For CO2 force carbonation:


2kg CO2 Extinguisher with turn valve

Or                                                                    x1

5kg CO2 Extinguisher with turn valve

MKIII Regulator For CO2                                x1

3/8 Gas line (per meter)                                               x1 meter minimum


For Dispensing:


Picnic Tap                                                        x1

3/8 Beer line                                                    x1 meter minimum

¼ Beer line                                                      x4 meters

Straight 3/8 to ¼ (John Guest)                          x2




The list above is only applicable if you do not have the necessary kegging equipment to use the Cornelius type keg.


Please note that much of the above listed equipment may be substituted with an equivalent.

19L New Cornelius Keg (ball lock)

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