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  • Black Bottle Sealing Wax (1Kg)

General Description


A brick of hard, black wax that is meant to be applied as a coating over an existing cork or cap to seal spirit or wine bottles for long time storage.

The wax provides a moisture resistant seal that is secure, strong and flexible.

It also has an aesthetic benefit in that it provides a unique look to the bottle that many persons find appealing.





Can seal up to 160 bottles if used sparingly.




Place wax in a pot or dipping vessel and bring it up to temperatures between 135°C and 148°C, this is your ideal dipping temperature.

Dip the head (cap/cork side) of the bottle in the wax, whilst keeping a close eye on the temperature to ensure that it remains as it should, remove the bottle and set it upright for the wax to dry.




Keep in a cool, dry place.

Black Bottle Sealing Wax (1Kg)

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