• Desana Max (Yellow 70g)

General Description


A heavy duty, alkaline, granular powder cleaner with active chlorine, commonly used in professional and home breweries to clean out sediment, dirt and organic residues, transforming these into easily water soluble substances.


This alkaline cleaning powder will change the colour of the water it’s dissolved in depending on the cleanliness of the surface  it’s exposed to, turning pink when the surface is completely clean.


Use instructions


Dissolve 70g packet in 10L of water in the vessel you mean to clean and lay any additional equipment that needs cleaning in the solution, leave the items in the solution until the liquid turns pink, the liquid can then be disposed of down the drain.


Rinse off/out the equipment that was exposed to the solution and proceed to use a no rinse sanitizer to sterilize the equipment as a last safeguard before use.



This product is for use on stainless steel, glass and plastic surfaces and may react negatively with copper and aluminium.



Keep bottle closed and store in a cool, dry place.

Desana Max (Yellow 70g)

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