• Fenugreek Seed (100g)

General Description


Fenugreek seeds are the dried seeds of the fenugreek plant. These seeds have been known to have a tangy, bitter taste.


Use Cases

Fenugreek can be used to introduce some subtle flavour in hard liquor.


Fenugreek seed can be found in some Indian dishes in tandem with other spices to introduce some subtle additional flavours.

Fenugreek seeds aren’t all that commonly used in the liquor industry itself, instead the polyphenolic extract of fenugreek seeds has been used to reduce or even prevent ethanol-induced toxicity and apoptosis in Chang liver cells.



Additional information (If applicable)


The medical claims of Fenugreek seed seem to be based in truth, however we do recommend you do your own research or consult a doctor if you intend to use it for medical purposes. Some people are allergic to Fenugreek, thus it should not be consumed if you have any known allergies related to fenugreek.

§                     Storage

Keep packet sealed/closed tightly after opening, keep in a cool, dry place and away from pests.

§                     Shelf life

These are dried ingredients and should not spoil in any reasonable time frame provided storage conditions are met, however some flavour and viability may be lost over long periods (Several months) of storage.

Fenugreek Seed (100g)

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