• Buchu Leaves (100g)

General Description


Agathosma, also known as Buchu, Boegoe and Diosma is a genus of about 140 species of flowering plants native to the Southern part of Africa. Buchu leaves are used in a variety of different ways for different applications. Buchu Leaves have a strong arom and have been described to be very similar to blackcurrant, however they’ve also been described to have a flavour profile consisting of a spicy mixture between rosemary and peppermint.



Use Cases

In the liquor industry buchu leaves can be used to add its unique flavours to gin and certain styles of beer, however in beer this should be introduced at the end of your boiling process, having no more than 10 minutes of boil time. In gin this can be added as an infusion while aging your liquor or during distillation with your other botanicals.


Buchu is widely used in Southern  Africa as a traditional medicine and cure-all for a variety of different ailments, the most common of these medicinal uses being for the treatment of urinary infections, as a natural antibiotic and has even been purported to be used for treatment for arthritis.


Additional information (If applicable)


Many of the claims of Buchu are folkloric and although some of these claims do have some scientific backing, some claims may be exaggerated.

§                     Storage

Keep packet sealed/closed tightly after opening, keep in a cool, dry place and away from pests.

§                     Shelf life

These are dried ingredients and should not spoil in any reasonable time frame provided storage conditions are met, however some flavour and viability may be lost over long periods (Several months) of storage.

Buchu Leaves (100g)

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