• Angelica Root (100g)

General Description


Angelica Root is the dried root of the Angelica Archangelica plant known as Norwegian Angelica, Garden Angelica or Wild Celery. This plant species is known for their edible stems and roots that produce Earthy, slightly bitter and herbal flavours that are reminiscent of Wormwood. In a few cases Angelica Root’s flavour have been mistaken for that of Juniper berries, but these two are from completely different species, though can be used in liquors and quisines together.


Use Cases

Angelica Root is commonly used in the flavouring of spirits and liqueurs, the most obvious of which being gin as its flavour is quite complimentary to that of Juniper berries’ flavour.


In food Angelica Root was once used especially in Sami cooking and as a more traditional flavouring in trout, jam and omelettes.


Angelica Root has been used in Scandinavia as a medicinal plant from the 10th Century on and has spread all the way to Asian cultures for use as a medicinal plant there as well. 

In more modern times Angelica is used in the practice of Homeopathy through the extraction of the essential oils it contains.


Additional information (If applicable)


Though Angelica Root has been traditionally used as a medicinal plant to aid in digestive issues, tradition and science often don’t align and there is little scientific evidence to support these claims. The roots are not toxic if consumed but one should consult with your doctor before intended medical use.

§                     Storage

Keep packet sealed/closed tightly after opening, keep in a cool, dry place and away from pests.

§                     Shelf life

These are dried ingredients and should not spoil in any reasonable time frame provided storage conditions are met, however some flavour and viability may be lost over long periods (Several months) of storage.

Angelica Root (100g)

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