• 0.5 um Cartridge (for 25cm filter)

General Description


A long, cylindrical filter cartridge consisting of extremely fine fibres that are meant to catch sediment and residue from whatever liquid is filtered through it.




Pore Size: 0.5 µm

CAT.NO.: APP10-0.5

LOT.NO.: 210106

Dimensions: 25cm x 6cm




Commonly used to remove tiny bits of residue and sediment from liquids such as alcoholic beverages.

A filter such as this should help to remove most if not practically all noticeable sediment or cloudiness from a liquid.

A 0.8 µm filter cartridge is usually sufficient to remove yeast from liquid thus this 0.5 µm filter should suffice to do the task.

A 0.2 µm filter cartridge is usually recommended to remove bacteria from liquids thus it is not recommended to use this 0.5 µm filter for sterilization.


Directions/More info:


Use in tandem with 25cm Cartridge filter for effective filtration




Keep in a cool, dry place.

0.5 um Cartridge (for 25cm filter)

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