ICV D47 (Lalvin): Crisp mead that leaves a nice white zinfandel character It ferments at a moderate to fast pace with little foaming and is good for medium to dry meads. It tends to accentuate the honey characteristics so it is a good choice for traditional varietal mead. Needs a usable nitrogen supplement (diammonium phosphate).

71B-1122 (Lalvin): It is capable of metabolizing high amounts of malic acid and produces a smooth, softer and aromatic meads that age quickly. Makes great cysers and other melomels especially ones using dark fruit like blackberries and cherries.

Premier Cuvee (Red Star®): One of the fastest, cleanest, and most neutral of all Red Star wine yeasts, this strain is recommended for reds, whites and especially champagnes. Good for dry meads and restarting stuck fermentations. Temperature range: 45-95 F. Alcohol Tolerance: 18%.

EC-1118 (Lalvin): It is a vigorous and fast fermenter with a high alcohol and sulfate tolerance. Its a hearty yeast that can ferment in a broad range of temperatures and will inhibit wild yeasts. It’s a neutral yeast having little effect on the honey character. The mead will need time to age.

Pasteur Champagne (Red Star®): Produces minimal off-tastes and has a high alcohol tolerance. Good for strong, sparkling meads.

Premier Cuvee (Red Star®): Also known as Epernay II. Highly recommended for mead because it imparts a fruity aroma.

Nottingham Brewing Yeast (Lallemand): Perfect for cysers and sweet meads and leaves a nice fruity finish. Should not ferment out dry.

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